Dr. Wojciak NMD

Dr. Bret Wojciak (Wo-jack) is a board licensed Naturopathic physician. He received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine and is an alum of Northern Arizona University with a bachelors of science in Environmental Management. Dr. Wojciak is an avid river runner, rock climber, hiker, cook, baker, son, uncle, brother and giggler.

Dr. Wojciak returned to his hometown to serve as a health advocate for the community. With a goal of creating a culture of wellness, Dr. Wojciak hopes to aid in enhancing the quality of life and longevity of his fellow neighbors. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is more difficult than ever in a modern environment riddled with unlimited temptations for unhealthy behavior. Fast and processed foods, candy, sugary drinks, drugs, alcohol, and sedentary daily habits bombard our everyday choices; willpower to avoid these habits can often only get us so far.

Help Dr. Wojciak build a culture for a healthy community and improve the lives around us. We are greater than the sum of individual efforts.

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Ashley McLaughlin - LMT

Ashley McLaughlin is a licensed massage therapist just starting out on her life long career of helping and empowering people to return to their best selves. She studied here in Flagstaff at a little massage school downtown called ASIS. After discovering some wonderful things about herself and the talents she has, she became very passionate about natural healing and medicine, along with the human body and how rhythmically synchronized the body works. Even though Ashley has studied many different massage modalities, she really enjoys the art of deep tissue therapy, connective tissue therapy, prenatal massage, swedish and neuromuscular trigger point therapy. Ashley loves having the ability to spread peace and tranquility through the healing touch of her hands. It is her main goal in life to create smiles on faces and stir up happiness in the beautiful people we have across the globe. She spends most of her down time outdoors with her son, husband and dog connecting with the Earth and exploring what this world has to offer. She enjoys yoga, creating artwork with different types of media, and having long talks about nutrition and science.


Denice Arnett - Office Manager

Denice Arnett is a mother, photographer, cyclist & lover of the outdoors. Over the past five years, Denice became a trained Birth Doula and Child Birth Educator. She finds her purpose educating growing families and giving parents evidence based knowledge they seek to live a healthy & happy lifestyle.


Tony Segoviano - LMT

Tony has been a L.M.T since 2014 and will continue to practice for many years to come. It has been his passion to help others learn the importance of self awareness. Where we stand and how we stand in this world affects our body in many different ways. We are all capable of being in a better body both physically and mentally, all we need is consistency and a bit of help to obtain our goals. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is a very outdoorsy person from hiking, to swimming at lakes, rivers or the beach. Some of the best healing can be done in nature and reconnecting with ourselves.


Chehale Alexander - BA, LMT

Chehale Alexander, BA, LMT (pro. Shuh-hay-la) ~ Walking on the path of her own inner healing journey for the past 30+ years has graced Chehale with a gentle strength, compassion and empathy that is evidenced through her warm & loving hands and heart. Her wisdom and insight is finely tuned while using an integrative and therapeutic healing touch, such as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Level I Myofascial Release and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Her specialty is a Mindful Awareness massage, which combines Guided Imagery with a Swedish massage. She also offers Prenatal and Oncology massage.

Having experienced a couple of life-changing events in her younger years, and coming through them stronger and more liberated than ever before, Chehale loves to support other women on their journey towards self-empowerment and is available for Transformational Coaching sessions, as well. These may include some or all of the following tools: Mindful Guided Imagery, Meditation, and “Connecting With Nature” (engaging the five senses with Mindfulness in the great outdoors), Treasure Maps, The Work (by Byron Katie), and EFT Tapping, to name a few. Each session individually tailored to your unique Self.


Koren Michelle - Fascial Stretch Therapist

It all started with rock climbing. Rock climbing evolved into yoga teacher training, followed by teaching yoga to rock climbers. Fast forward ten years to today... Koren has years of years of training and experience working in fitness as a 200 HR yoga teacher, ACE group fitness instructor, NASM certified personal trainer, and Level 1 certified fascial stretch therapist.

It's not just the certifications. Koren has a passion for living a vibrant healthy lifestyle and a gift for sharing her knowledge with everyone.