Nothing makes us happier than when we can help our patients! The highest complement we can receive is the referral of friends and family.    



"Wow! Dr. Wojciak is the best doctor I've ever had! Amazing attention to detail, compassion, and caring! I've had more success in a month with Dr. Wojciak than YEARS with other physicians to address long term issues. Can't recommend him enough!"



"The entire staff at Mountain Medicine is professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. Denise did a great job explaining the intake process and the membership process and Shahala gave me one of the best massages I have had."



"Prompt service, great massage and nice facility with pleasant staff."



"Mountain Medicine exceeded my expectations! I walked in to a very welcoming space that smelled great, looked great and gave me a wonderful feeling. The staff was on point. Next came the best part...my massage. Hands down the most healing massage of my life from Chehale. I'll be going back for sure!"



"I was very impressed with the calm and healing atmosphere of the facilities and the professionalism of my therapist. I joined the membership program right away!"



"I was warmly welcomed at Mountain Medicine.I accepted the cup of delicious tea that was offered.Then I had a fantastic 60 minute massage. The place was clean and had a very positive healing energy. I enjoyed my time their tremendously and I highly recommended it."



"Chehale was wonderful! It was so nice to find someone I am eager to go back to on my very first visit."



"I was very pleased with my consultation with Dr. Wojciak. He was extremely thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. Our appointment was not rushed or hurried in any way, which is always an issue with many primary care physicians. He very obviously cares about his patients and is willing to take the time and effort to really address the best path towards health. We're lucky to have him and his team in Flagstaff!"



"I have had a lot of massage in the last 15 years (at least 12 different MTs). The expertise, professionalism and friendliness of Mountain Medicine was one of my best experiences so far."



"I cannot recommend Mountain Medicine Wellness Center and Dr. Wojciak enough. I have never had a medical experience be so positive and encouraging. Dr. Wojciak really takes the time to listen and explain and has an obvious passion for helping. I am absolutely excited to be on a clear path of wellness thanks to the attention I am receiving."



"Personable receptionist and masterful massage therapist. Calm ambiance."



"I found the atmosphere at Mountain Medicine to be extremely soothing and inviting. Dr. Wojciak made me feel very comfortable, and took care of everything that I needed. I will most certainly be back to Mountain Medicine!"



"I’ve been lucky to have many massages in my life, most were great but few stand out as truly memorable, my recent experience with Libby (Chehale Alexander) is certainly an exception.  I’ve been traveling on business lately, planes, cars, strange beds, stressful situations and I was truly looking forward to my massage.  I asked for deep tissue, knowing that can be a little painful but it would be the best for my tired stressed body.  She has a firm but appropriate touch, somehow knowing that my body needed.  Soon I found myself drifting into a meditative state, not asleep but no longer truly awake.  My body sensed that Libby could be trusted to take care of whatever I needed, I gave up control and she truly provided everything needed.  I highly recommend her, I don’t live close but would travel many miles for another opportunity for a “Libby-Massage.”



"Michael was great! Awesome and efficient massage therapist. Perfect therapist for deep tissue/ therapeutic massage!"