The Cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Restoration to the balance of life - The core philosophy of Chinese medicine, which visualizes the body in its full form; mind, body and spirit, to seek out imbalances and improve health. Practicing the knowledge developed from this 2000+ year medicine we utilize acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, and movement therapy to help on your path toward wellness.


What Is It?

The insertion of very thin needles at specific locations on the body called points. Each point is part of a channel that runs along the body over a particular area. Each channel connects creating a network of points across the body. Needles are inserted in strategic places to help treat a number of conditions and diseases by balancing the energy within the channel network.


What is it Used For?

Acupuncture is used for a variety of conditions such as - persistent pain including low back pain and pain related to arthritis, headaches, sleep issues, digestive problems, mood stability, addiction, menopause symptoms, Infertility and much more. Used alone or alongside other therapies acupuncture can play a powerful role in your health.


Does It Hurt?

Good news here for people nervous about needles. Even the most sensitive patient typically does not feel much after the needle is inserted. You may experience non painful sensations upon needle entry often described as a zing or twitch but they are often short lived if present.

How to Prepare For Your Appointment

  • Come Hydrated

  • Wear loose fitted clothing that can be adjusted to best access acupuncture points

  • Avoid Coffee & Caffeine if possible at least 3 hours ahead of your appointment