Chiropractic -Your Path to Pain Relief

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Pain may not have the best reasons to begin:

  • “I just woke up and my neck was in so much pain.”

  • “All I did was bend down to pick up that toy and bam! My back has hurt for a week!”

  • “I’ve been in pain since the day after I finished playing that excellent round of golf/tennis/chess.”

  • “I’ve had back pain for the 20 years, I wish I was a bit more carful when I was younger.”

Don’t let pain limit you from your daily life.

Pain commonly originates from misalignment of the spine leading to irritation to the nervous system, and altering the flow and function of the body.

Pain relief comes by identifying these problems areas of the body and restoring it’s natural motion with skeletal adjustments.

Individual Pain, Individual Care

Your pain is unique to your body. Our care is is unique to you. We treat you based on YOUR NEEDS and develop an individualized plan designed to fit you life and improve your symptoms.

In addition to Chiropractic Adjustments, our customized treatment may include many of our effective integrated methods:

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation

  • Heat Packs

  • Active Flexion & Distraction

  • Muscle Release Techniques

  • Essential home treatment recommendations

  • Recommendations for supportive therapy such as massage or acupuncture.


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