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Your Hub for Quality Affordable  Health Care 

As a hub of care we will provide you with a roadmap towards better health. From the common cold to acute or chronic illness we will help you build the support necessary for optimal care.  Do you have questions about your health or feel lost or stuck in your path towards an improved life? Come see us for guidance! 

Offering membership pricing with discounts to members on all in house services - Get the care you need at accessible prices.   

Acute visits,  motor vehicle accidents, and work injuries welcome


Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic medicine is a unique primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances which encourage the inherent self-healing process.  We seek to determine the origins of illness by understanding the body as a complete system rather than the sum of its individual parts; and thus enable the most effective treatments to be chosen for each individual.   


Massage Therapy

One of the oldest health care practices known to history, massage is proven to have countless health benefits.  In combination with other therapies, massage can provide a considerable improvement to your overall wellbeing.  We offer many options and specializations for you to customize your massage experience.      




Diet & Nutritional Coaching

You are what you eat. A healthy diet can prevent future illness and aid in improving your overall health.  At Mountain Medicine we emphasize whole body care where a large emphasis is placed on what you put in your body.  Health in = health out.  Come see us for coaching on how to improve your diet. Want to eat healthier but don't know how?  Need help with food preparation, recipes, or general cooking guidance? Come see us! 


Wellness & Preventative Guidance

Become your healthiest self.  No matter where you stand, we can help guide you towards enhanced health and aid in preventing illness. Often times simple lifestyles changes can have a significant impact on your wellbeing; add a few of those changes together and watch your health reach new heights.  

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."   - Benjamin Franklin



Chinese Medicine

Restoration to the balance of life - The core philosophy of Chinese medicine, which visualizes the body in its full form; mind, body and spirit, to seek out imbalances and improve health.  Practicing the knowledge developed from this 2000+ year medicine we utilize acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, and movement therapy to help on your path toward wellness.  


Botanical Medicine

Before there were drugs there were flowers and roots.  As effective as it has ever been, the ancient knowledge of botanical medicine can be a powerful tool in your journey to wellness.  From single herbs, mixed tinctures, tea and whole foods this natural therapy can aid in many conditions.