Cold & Flu Season Prevention

3 Tips to Help Prevent Illness This Winter

1. Simple Lifestyle Modifications

Get restful sleep, wash hands often, and manage stress levels. Visit the rest of our blog for more tips on Stress and Sleep tips.

2. Eating Healthy

Limit sugar and dairy; sugar can hinder your immune response to bugs while dairy tends to add to the production of mucous. Eat a diverse whole foods diet with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins to ensure a nutrient rich immune supporting diet.

3. Prepare with supplements (use as directed)

  • EHB - By Integrative Therapeutics - Specialized formula of Echinacosides, Hydrastine, Berberine with other vitamins and nutrients to pack a powerful support to your immune system.

  • Garlic 5000 - By NOW brand - Garlic containing 180 mg of the active constituent, allicin, has been shown to reduce the frequency of colds by 60-70%. This odor free version packs twice that amount in 1 tablet.

  • Lauricidin - Pure monolaurin derived from coconut oil. Lauricidin supports a healthy and hardy immune system, a strong defense even when you feel that your immunity is challenged and helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of intestinal flora.

  • At the first sign of a cold/flu - Enhanced Zinc Lozenges - By Life Extension. The only zinc lozenges fully optimized for killing a cold.

Bret Wojciak