Thoughtful & Efficient  Care

At your first visit we take additional time to get to know you, your health history, concerns, and goals for your health.  This process is what sets Naturopathic medicine aside from most health care encounters. We take the time so we can personalize your care to help best achieve your goals.  Prior to your visit, we will supply you with our new patient welcome email designed to help your first visit be as efficient and productive as possible. The welcome email will include instructions on setting up your personalized interactive patient portal, your pre-visit intake forms and questionnaires. By completing these items prior to your visit, we will have a jump start on becoming acquainted to you and free up valuable time to accomplish more during your visit.  We look forward to meeting you!

Integrated Patient Portal 

When you schedule your first appointment you will gain access to our customized patient portal which will allow us to establish a secure and personalized connection with you.  On your portal you can send secure messages to your care team, view your treatment plan, review lab results, book appointments, upload documents and much more. Today more than ever it is easier to connect with your health care team and take charge of your health.  


In-Depth review of your history 

Our initial visit intake questionnaire is designed to provide you a way to tell us your personal story, including your health history, concerns and goals without a restraint on time.  By establishing this connection with us prior to your visit, it also allows us to have an in-depth review of your history and become familiar with you before you even set foot in our clinic.  This way no time is wasted at your visit and we can get to work on improving your health.

Focused and comprehensive visit

With your pre-visit questionnaire completed and history reviewed we will be able have a focused, productive and comprehensive visit each time you see us.  Our goal is to help best achieve your goals in health and we are excited to be on your team!